Zerofit - The Savior of Winter Golf

Zerofit - The Savior of Winter Golf
At this time of year, us golfers think of those long, hot summer days where we can get out for a fast nine holes after work with the sun on our back and the prospect of a nice cold beer waiting at the clubhouse.

Here at Zerofit, we want golfers to have their A-Game all year long, not just in those summer months, and using a best-in-class baselayer is the way to go. Our game-changing Heatrub Ultimate and Heatrub Move Baselayers have helped thousands of golfers all over the US play their best in the coldest months of the year.
While the world’s best players tee it up at the tropical Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, lots of us have to play in less favorable conditions - but the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer offers five times more warmth than a regular competitor product, making it a must have for winter golf.
Heat Retention Testing on the Ultimate Baselayer at the Boken Institute in Japan resulted in a rating of 0.78; a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, while a sweater would typically have a rating of around 0.3. And when we say ‘standard baselayer’, think about the most established names in the world.
What’s more, because the Ultimate is so good at keeping you warm, it means you do not need multiple tops, even in the current cold snap. For years, golf apparel brands have told players to ‘layer up’ - with Zerofit, this simply isn’t necessary.
That in turn means you can swing freely, without restriction, allowing golfers to put their usual swing on every shot and because the Ultimate works in temperatures as low as 14° Fahrenheit, you’ll be well insulated this January and February.
We also make Heatrub Ultimate Leggings ($90),  Heatrub Ultimate Socks (From $29) and a Thermal Beanie ($20) so golfers can have Head-to-Toe Warmth.
‘Some choose to not wear base layers because they can become tight and restricting. Zerofit’s Ultimate line allows for total mobility throughout your round with added heat for the upper and lower body.
Golfweek Magazine
‘Zerofit baselayers offer the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.’
Golf News Net
‘From our experience, the Heatrub (Ultimate) is the warmest baselayer we’ve ever worn.'
Today’s Golfer Magazine
‘You can and will wear it off the course, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the colder months. It’s suitable for golf, fishing, cycling or just winter walks.’
Golf Monthly Magazine
The Ultimate is magical at keeping you warm, but our Heatrub Move Baselayer ($76) and Leggings ($80) are designed for more moderate temperatures. While the material is tested and found to be twice as warm as a standard baselayer - which gives you a kick of warmth early in your round - the moisture wicking properties of the Move products mean you can keep sweat at bay for the duration of your round as things heat up.
The Heatrub Move Hoodie ($80) has also proven to be a big hit with golfers in recent years, and in 2023 we brought the Inspiral Glove ($16) to the US after a hugely successful launch in Japan.
Trusted by elite professional male and female golfers across the various global Tours, the Inspiral Golf Glove has been designed by utilising a unique fabric that absorbs moisture, but crucially without any loss of grip, making it the perfect all-weather golf glove in both hot, sweaty conditions or damp, rainy days on the course. To date, more than 900,000 units have been sold worldwide.
Play Your Best This Winter With Zerofit - The Savior of Winter Golf


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