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Our #1 Selling Product

Our Best-Selling Product Offers Unmatched Warmth with Complete Freedom of Movement

Let us prove to you that we are the best base layer on the planet!

Try our product risk-free and if you don’t absolutely love it you can return it for FREE.

ZeroFit USA provides authentic Zerofit products complete with the patented Heatrub technology that ensures the utmost quality and mobility in your preferred base layer. With this Japanese brand, you not only have the warmest base layer but also one that allows fluid movement and comfort.

 Why Should You Try ZeroFit Products?

Here are a few of the reasons you should try the Zerofit products:

Designed For Outdoor Or Cold Weather

The makers of Zerofit products take pride in maintaining the quality and comfort they are known for. Our base layers serve as excellent gear for you when participating in any outdoor sport or activity such as running, hunting, skiing, and playing golf, especially during the cold or rainy seasons. You will appreciate the warmth and versatility while wearing these products.

Money-Back Guarantee

ZeroFit USA has a lot of positive feedback from our customers and enjoys repeat orders. However, to show our confidence in the quality of our products, we offer returns or refunds subject to our Return and Refund Policy.

Excellent Customer Service

To match our product quality, we provide excellent customer service. Should you have any concerns or questions, our friendly representatives are happy to respond to your needs. ZeroFit USA will be sure to provide a response or feedback within 24 hours or 48 hours during holidays. For a more immediate response, call us with your orders and concerns.

Also, to ensure that you have easy access to the Zerofit products you need, Zerofit USA has made the products available online and at numerous retail locations throughout the USA. For orders or queries, call us today or any time!

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Hit it Big When it's Cold

Don't Let Your Base Layer Affect Your Swing

The Zerofit Ultimate has been called one of the most revolutionary pieces of golf clothing in the last 15 years. Never be cold again – wear a Zerofit!

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Fabric technology from Japan that performs with you!
Featured Products
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Stay in the game

When Nature Says Stop

Zerofit base layers provide maximum warmth with minimal restrictions.

zerofit fabric technology

Twice as warm as a sweater

Zerofit Ultimate keeps you warm by way of a unique mix of five fibers and a patented knitting process. The extra-long fibers on the inside, gently rub against your skin to create frictional heat.

Heatrub Move

Say goodbye to cold sweat!

The MOVE gives you instant heat with zero sweat too! It has a cooling two-layer construction which moves moisture from the body to the outer shell fabric where it dries ultra-fast.


I really liked the ZeroFit Heatrub baselayers as they did everything that they claimed they could. Both felt lightweight and didn't restrict my movement, they definitely did a good job of keeping me warm, and the fact that they were relatively water resistant was also a nice bonus. The samples I tried were pretty plain- black and grey- but I've seen a couple of other colour options including red and navy too so you can match up with the rest of your gear you usually wear.

You have to be spending a good bit of time in pretty much one location, and just by standing still, you will feel the cold. And that’s when the Zerofit comes into its own – because you just don’t get cold wearing it, it’s brilliant stuff, incredible. I was covering a Championship football match for Getty back in February, and it was sub-zero. Obviously, you’re checking the temperature on your phone, so you make sure you’re properly attired before heading out, but when I was out working it never felt anywhere near as cold – and that’s because I was, possibly for the first time in my career, wearing suitable clothing.

The Ultimate line delivers the warmth needed for the Mid-Atlantic winters and lives up to its name. Zerofit brand may be new to the US market and may require a little leap of faith because you probably cannot find it in stores, but those who are willing to take the leap will certainly find high performing clothing for cold, cold mornings.

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