Women’s Merino Wool Base Layer - Comfort For Delicate Skin

Women’s Merino Wool Base Layer

Investing in a women’s merino wool base layer is crucial if you love the outdoors and all activities that come with it. Quality and function are vital in base layers especially for women with delicate or sensitive skin. You know how difficult it is to find the ideal clothing gear. The perfect base layer is something that would provide the ultimate warmth without giving you skin discomforts.

About Women’s Merino Wool Base Layer by Zerofit

Is it possible to find such a product that delivers warmth when the temperature drops in outdoors? Would it be the same product that is gentle to your delicate skin? Zerofit is a world-renowned brand in outdoor clothing gears specializing in base layers that deliver the ultimate comfort.

The good news from this highly acclaimed brand is that it came up with an amazing collection of base layers for women. The Heatrub Wool collection takes outdoor gear on a new level by catering to a client base with sensitive skin. The women’s merino wool base layer best suits your skin needs while ensuring your warmth outdoors.

Women’s Merino Wool Base Layer

Why choose Heatrub Wool?

Three amazing features make the Heatrub Wool the best women’s merino wool base layer:

1. Outstanding Warmth Retention Technology

The coldest weather could never stop you ever again from doing what you love best in the outdoors. It may be 2 degrees Celsius outside but you can feel warm and comfortable still. How? The Heatrub Wool base layer is made from hybrid wool merino fabric that generates heat and keeps you warm all day. It could make you feel warm three times better than other base layers on the market. Best of all, the wool fabric quality is gentle especially for the most sensitive skin.

2. Moisture Drying Treatment

With the highest quality and property, this women’s merino wool base layer undergoes extensive treatment. The process ensures that you stay comfortable with the enhanced moisture drying technology. Moreover, it introduces antibacterial functions to limit odor generation and promote germs resistance. Finally, the merino wool fabric is easy to wash as it has a unique synthetic fiber blend.

3. Remarkable Humidity Control

Temperature regulation and humidity control are hard to achieve with base layers or outdoor gears. The Heatrub Wool collection makes a breakthrough with its ability to control humidity and regulate heat. That’s because of the unique and top-quality blend of fabrics, which makes it possible. The base layer is composed of 75% wool as well as 17% and 8% acrylic and polyurethane materials, respectively. This wise combination of fabrics makes it possible to control and regulate heat and humidity. Such technology also provides maximum sweat absorption for all-day dryness and the elimination of cold sweat.

Zerofit has made ground-breaking achievements in the field of outdoor clothing gears with its Heatrub Wool collection. The women’s merino wool base layer protects you from the harshest cold weather. Most importantly, it comes with the gentlest fabric blend that takes care of your delicate skin. Experience authentic products today with Zerofit USA. Call now for your order! Or shop here directly!

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