What is a Base Layer for Hiking - Essential Facts You Need to Know

What is a Base Layer for Hiking?
The best base layer for hiking is must-have apparel in your wardrobe if you love the outdoors no matter what the temperature. Why let the cold and harsh weather get in the way of your favorite activities? Now you can have the right clothing pieces to ensure that you can still actively enjoy what you do without constraints. The good news is that highly recognized quality brands such as Zerofit got you covered.

What is a Base Layer for Hiking?

What is a Base Layer for Hiking?

The base layer, as the name implies, is the layer of clothing that you wear along with your other basic apparel. These are necessary clothing pieces as they are basically created for cold or harsh weather conditions outdoors. Gone are the days when you have to wear bulky jackets and other thermal clothing pieces just to get warm. Outdoor sports and activities such as hiking require you to gear up as comfortably as possible. You cannot do that with the conventional bulky clothing pieces for winter but base layers are game-changers.

Top Choices for a Base layer for hiking

You can find a wide range of base layers by Zerofit but there are two outstanding pieces for avid hikers like you. Check out this list:

Thermo Weave Base Layer

1. Thermo Weave

This remarkable sportswear is what you need as the temperatures rapidly drop where you hike. Why get yourself this particular piece? Here are some of the notable features of this Zerofit garment:

    • Offers 5x More Mobility and Freedom of Movement

The polypropylene technology of this base layer promotes heat insulation for steady and instant warmth when wearing it. Thus, you’ll stay warm and comfortable even when hiking at 15 degrees Celsius or colder.

    • Have Antibacterial Processing Properties

Sweat causes bacteria by 99%, which results in body odor. The Thermo Weave variant is made with utilized silver and Polygiene to ensure that you stay fresh and bacteria-free.

    • Recognized as the Best in the Industry

The best base layer for hiking, this garment piece consists of top-quality materials including 5% polyurethane, 18% polypropylene, and 77% nylon. This blend of stretchable fabrics helps create warmth while quelling body sweat.

Heatrub Move base layer

2. Heatrub Move

Cool days could be the best days for you to enjoy your favorite hiking activities. This zero-sweat garment is the ideal base layer with the following features:

    • Creates Instant Heat

The Heatrub Move base layer gives you instant warmth the moment it touches your skin with its heat-producing and regulating properties. It contains 50% polyester, 45% polypropylene, and 5% polyurethane materials.

    • Wicks Away Cold Sweat and Moisture

The natural fibers in this industry-grade garment make sure that you address your cold sweat problems. It has active moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh and odor-free all day long.

    • Regulates Body Temperature

Choose a hiking base layer that keeps your proper body temperature and lets it stay that way. Some base layers just give you warmth at first, but they cannot maintain the heat while others give you overheating effects. The Zerofit base layer regulates body temperature with its advanced fabric blends for temperature control.

Do you want to learn more about Thermo Weave and Heatrub Move for your base layer options? Hike and do your other outdoor sports without the discomfort. Call Zerofit USA now for more details! Or shop here directly and browse through our other Zerofit products.

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