Stay Warm On The Water With Zerofit

Stay Warm On The Water With Zerofit

Staying warm on the water, whether you’re racing or cruising, is something we all know the importance of. But adding multiple layers of clothing can restrict your movement - that’s where the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate ($90) - which is five times warmer than a standard baselayer - is changing the game.

Independently tested at the Boken Institute in Osaka, Japan, the Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer was evaluated for levels of heat retention and scored a rating of 0.78; a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, while a sweater would typically have a rating of around 0.3.

Technologically enhanced ‘Heat Threads’ inside the garment are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate warmth instantly. Unlike most other baselayers, the Ultimate does not work on the basis of ‘compression for heat’ – so not only does it provide greater warmth, but sailors also don’t feel restricted by an inability to move, stretch or work.

The Ultimate has been designed to work best in a temperature range of 14° thru 50° Fahrenheit and Zerofit also offers Heatrub Ultimate Leggings ($99) and Heatrub Ultimate Socks (From $29) which perform in the same way as the top and are popular addition for those who want to be warm from top to toe. 

In addition to the Ultimate, Zerofit is also delighted to introduce the Heatrub Move Baselayer ($76) which delivers Adaptable Warmth in a temperature range of 23° thru 53° Fahrenheit.

Like the Heatrub Ultimate, the Move Baselayer was independently tested at Boken, with the garment proven to be twice as warm as a standard model. It offers thermal protection when you start out on the water, but then separate innovations adapt to the conditions to help keep you temperature regulated.

The Move utilises a 45% polypropylene construction on the inside of the baselayer as well as a hollow polyester shell that work together, so as activity intensifies, you won’t overheat in the conditions. 

The construction removes sweat from the skin and the hollow polyester design and ‘LABO’ fabric ensures it evaporates off the surface of the garment quickly, so the unpleasant experience of cold sweat on the body never materialises. We also manufacture Heatrub Move Leggings which are made from the same material and work in an identical manner.

INFORMATION: The Heatrub Ultimate baselayer comes in black, white, gray, red, green or navy. The Heatrub Move baselayer is available in black, white or titanium. The Ultimate Socks, Ultimate Leggings and Move Leggings come in black. For more details on the complete range of products, please visit

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