Merino Wool Base Layer - Facts You Should Know

Merino Wool Base Layer

It’s always good to have staple gear that you can wear to either cool off during the summer or ward off the chills in the cold climates. Having a Merino wool base layer can serve this very purpose as it can provide a layer between your skin and outer clothes or environment. This base layer can transfer your body moisture from your skin to the outside, thus promoting a faster cooling and evaporating effect.

Merino Wool Base Layer

What Is Merino Wool Base Layer?

This base layer is made out of Merino wool that comes from Merino sheep that are mainly raised on farms in New Zealand and Australia. Since these are available at any time of the year, Merino wool is becoming an excellent choice for clothing manufacturers all over the world. You can now buy various types of clothes made of this wool like merino wool shirts, base layers, leggings, , long sleeve tops, etc. However, it is more expensive than ordinary wool because it is harvested slower and is of higher quality than its cheaper counterpart.

Why Merino Wool Base Layer

Why Merino Base Layer?

Here are some reasons for choosing to buy this type of base layer:

  1. It’s multi-purpose. You can use it in many kinds of activities, conditions, seasons, and styles. Not only is this base layer great for hunting, but you can also use it when doing active sports and activities like golf, hiking, and running. Whether it’s cold, hot, or humid, you can wear it and enjoy a comfortable and dry feeling.
  2. It can be an excellent layer of protection. It’s very soft as well as breathable. Plus, it offers warmth but is lightweight enough to be comfortably worn as an everyday outfit. During cold days, you can wear it as a middle or outer layer. Or wear it alone during warmer days.
  3. It’s odor-resistant. This wool can absorb odors that come from bacteria. It traps the smell and keeps these from building up. As a result, you can wear your Merino wool base layer for long hours without worrying about reeking sweat smell.
  4. It can resist fire. A lot of outdoor enthusiasts build campfires while camping. Merino wool base layer is fire-resistant, doesn’t melt, and doesn’t ignite easily – if you get too near a fire or open flame.

All in all, the Merino wool base layer provides many benefits that underscore why it’s a great product to add to your wardrobe. Take advantage of its unique features and wear it on warm or cold days doing your daily activities or participating in active sports. Want to buy your own? Check out the Zerofit base layer, which has frictional heating that creates instant warmth, making it an ideal gear especially for the colder seasons. Order your authentic product at today. Call us here or shop here directly.

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