Pointers When Buying Men’s Base Layers

Men’s Base Layers

There are many designs and brand choices of base layers readily available in the market today. Since they can be worn in hot and cold seasons, men’s base layers are very convenient for active and outdoor activities.

With so many base layers to choose from, here are some things you should know when choosing the right one for you.

Buy Tight Fit Men’s Base Layers

Should a base layer be tight? Yes, it has to be so that it can trap air next to your skin and provide better insulation to your body from a cold environment. Nevertheless, it is still, best to buy a base layer shirt of the size that you normally wear. Expect that it is smaller than the regular size because these are designed to be worn right next to your skin and manufacturers size their base layer products accordingly.

Men’s Base Layers

Choose The Best Fabric For Your Base Layer

What’s the best material for men’s base layers? Here are the top three fabrics used for base layers.


Wool has the ability to fight odor since it naturally fights the bacteria that causes it. Therefore, you can wear wool men’s base layers up to four times without having to worry too much about body odors. Wool base layers are exceptionally good for camping, hiking, and mountain climbing. However, with wool, you need to be careful that you don’t tumble dry it in a dryer as it will shrink and will degrade faster.


Since they can wick moisture and sweat better than wool, synthetic base layers work best when you’re planning to participate in high-output events like running, biking, and skiing. These are durable enough not to pill under the pressure of a harness and/or pack. If you choose to buy this base layer, make sure to choose one that has undergone antimicrobial technology treatment to make sure that it doesn’t smell after wearing it once or twice.

Wool-Synthetic Hybrid

If you’re into new fabrics, wool-synthetic hybrid base layers may be just the thing for you. They offer the best properties of wool, namely warmth, comfort, and odor resistance. Coupled with the durability and wicking properties afforded by synthetics, these are a great fabric option for men’s base layers. Use wool-synthetic base layers for your usual daily routines and enjoy a very comfortable and breathable outfit.

In summary, having men’s base layers of different fabrics can give you choices that are optimal for whatever events or activities you’re planning to do. Take advantage of the comfort, excellent coverage, and other features that base layer clothing of various fabrics can provide. Plus, having a few sets of each should give you enough to wear for all your activities.

Zerofit brand base layers provide various kinds of men’s base layers that can provide the benefits features discussed above. What makes the Zerofit brand unique is that their base layers provide instant heat (thanks to frictional heating) so you don’t have to wait to feel warm. For orders, feel free to browse our shop or contact us today at zerofitusa.com.

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