‘I always wear Zerofit under garments, hat and socks for they are the best I have used in 50 years of fishing.’

‘I always wear Zerofit under garments, hat and socks for they are the best I have used in 50 years of fishing.’
It took a while to arrive, but colder Fall weather has finally landed and with that we thought it was a good idea to tap into the mind of fishing royalty Des Taylor to get his Top 10 tips for quality winter fishing. 
And No. 1 on his list? Get a Zerofit Baselayer!
Des has been writing for the leading angling newspapers and magazines since the mid 1980s with his insights and views in demand from fishermen all over the world. In his illustrious career, he’s caught everything from man-eating Sharks to Marlin, Tarpon to Billfish, Pike to Catfish.

He’s been relying on our Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate BaselayerUltimate LeggingsUltimate Socks and Thermal Beanie since 2022 and alongside his writing work, Des has a Live Facebook Show every Friday night, broadcast to an audience of more than 25,000 on the social media platform. 

‘I wish I’d had Zerofit a few years ago when I went 200 miles in to the Arctic Circle, it was minus 25, minus 18 when we were fishing. Zerofit is at a price that anyone can afford and that buys them the very best,' says Des.

Over the years, I’ve used good baselayers, I had one from Germany, one from Norway and they were brilliant. Zerofit is at a new level, it’s the best of the best. If you want to be warm this winter, then get yourself a Zerofit baselayer,' he adds.
So, for anglers in the US and all over the world, these are his Top 10
Winter Fishing Tips! 
  • I always wear Zerofit under garments, hat and socks for they are the best I have used in 50 years of fishing.
  • Don’t think too much about the weather by studying the TV and weather Apps because if you try and find that perfect day you will end up going fishing only a few times a year. Just wrap up warm and go.
  • Wear quality thermal boots.
  • Take a flask of hot water so you can make hot coffee, tea or soup much better than a hip flask full of strong alcohol which in fact takes your body temperature down.
  • Tie a long nylon rope to a strong dog spike and this makes the perfect kit for screwing into the bank above where you are fishing and make it a lot easier to get down and pull yourself up from the swim in wet conditions.
  • Watch those fallen leaves on the narrow roads down to your venue for they can be as dangerous as ice under foot or trying to stop quickly in the car.   
  • Use smaller baits and less bulk baits like groundbait.
  • I use fluorocarbon hook lengths in the clear waters of winter for most of my fishing.
  • Remember to try and fish on a water temperature that is steady or rising not on one that is falling.
  • Livebaits like maggots and worms will out fish any bait in the winter even for the biggest of fish.   

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