Horse Riding Base Layer - The Ultimate Apparels for Outdoor Sports

Heatrub Wool
What is a horse riding base layer and why do you need it? Equestrian sports are both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The challenges not only lie in having the right skills for the sport’s demands. Other physical conditions could restrict you from doing your best and experiencing 100% of the activity. For instance, the weather condition could be too harsh to keep you from doing your favorite outdoor sports. Let this not hamper you from doing that by finding the appropriate riding base layer.

Everything to Know about Horse Riding Base Layer

Not all outdoor apparel is created equal. Some are just not fit for the kind of activity you are doing and all its demands. In the case of an equestrian base layer, you need something that could withstand the weather conditions. It should have the right ventilation to keep you warm when the temperature drops. The ideal base layer for warm weather should also help you experience a cool feeling especially when it gets hot or warm outside.

Introducing the Best Zerofit Collections

Zerofit is a trusted and award-winning Japanese brand that offers top-quality collections of horse riding base layers. Here are some of the collections you might want to consider for your next wardrobe update: Heatrub Ultimate - Horse Riding Base Layer

Heatrub Ultimate

The perfect match for your riding top is this top-of-the-line base layer for outdoor enthusiasts. You will not be bothered by the weather anymore, thus, keeping you focused on your game. This industry-grade Heatrub Ultimate base layer features a mix of quality fabrics including acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester, and polyurethane. The horse riding base layer promises heat regulation plus maintenance and freedom of movement for the ultimate protection. Heatrub Move

Heatrub Move

Get ready to be on top of your game no matter what the weather looks like. This zero-sweat undergarment is the ideal solution for all outdoor activities, especially on a cold day. It is highly recommended for slower-moving spots and activities but you can definitely use it for your horse riding favorite. The Heatrub Move collection helps regulate temperature and provides instant heat with its fabric combination. It includes 50% polyester, 45% polypropylene, and 5% polyurethane. Most importantly, this base layer is known for its moisture-wicking property and ability to avoid cold sweat. Heatrub Wool

Heatrub Wool

With the most physically demanding sports comes the toughest apparel and undergarment. That is what the Heatrub Wool collection delivers, with its exceptional humidity control properties. The horse riding base layer also offers warmth retention, outstanding warmth regulation, and comfortable quality treated merino wool. This collection is the best choice if you want something luxurious, warm, and comfortable to the touch. The merino wool is also ideal for its moisture-drying property and resistance to germs that cause body odor. Zerofit products are undoubtedly the best in the market for top-quality protection, warmth regulation, and mobility. This is a perfect choice if you want a horse riding base layer that will not restrict your movement. Most importantly, it is the undergarment that will keep you warm and comfortable when the going gets tough on a typical horse riding season. Call Zerofit USA now for more details! Or shop here directly.

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