DECEMBERRRRR’s Here! And We’re Re-Stocking Around The Christmas Tree!

DECEMBERRRRR’s Here! And We’re Re-Stocking Around The Christmas Tree!

The Christmas Tree is up in Zerofit HQ and our team of elves have been busy re-stocking the shelves with all of your favourite winter essentials, including the Heatrub Ultimate BaselayerUltimate LeggingsUltimate SocksHeatrub Move Baselayer and new Heatrub Move Leggings!
Available in black, gray, winter white, navy, green and red, the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer (from $90) offers five times as much warmth as a regular baselayer, and is offered in all sizes from extra small to 3XL!

Ideal for multiple sports and leisure pursuits outdoors including motorcycling, hiking, gardening, fishing, sailing, golf and skiing, the Ultimate BaselayerUltimate Leggings ($99) and Ultimate Socks (From $29) which use the same Heat Thread material to generate warmth – are also much-loved by those who work outside during the coldest months of the year.
And Zerofit products are taking the media world by storm!
A Biking Baselayer Beauty
‘I sampled a few of Zerofit’s products – its Heatrub Move and Heatrub Ultimate Mocks, along with a hoodie and a pair of socks – during the early winter here in Utah and was impressed with all of them….this stuff works. Check their products out.’
American Motorcycle Association -
A Gift from the Golfing Gods
Zerofit baselayers offer the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.’
- Golf News Network -

‘From our experience, the Heatrub (Ultimate) is the warmest baselayer we’ve ever worn.'
- Today's Golfer -

Zerofit’s Ultimate line allows for total mobility throughout your round with added heat for the upper and lower body.’
- Golfweek -
Forget Frosty Fishing
‘If you are looking for a high-performance set of base layers that are comfortable, not too tight, and suitable over a range of temperatures, check out the Zerofit Ultimate and Move. These base layers are warm, and between the two available weights, you’ll have a solid foundation for a cool- to cold-weather clothing system. At the right temperature range, they wear well as stand-alone garments, and they look sharp. The mock neck is a good addition for added warmth around your neck, and the not-too-tight fit allows freedom of movement.’
- In Fisherman -
The standard Heatrub Move ($76) – also now in dayglo and navy, as well as black, white and titanium – offers twice as much warmth as a standard baselayer, and new for winter 2023, we also have Heatrub Move Leggings ($80) which are made from the same fabric.
The new Heatrub Move AWT Baselayer ($78) – one of our most sought-after products since its launch earlier in the Fall, especially in Dayglo – has also been fully reloaded for our busiest month of the year, features Adaptable Warmth Technology to manage your body temperature and deal with cold sweat.
Check out the complete Zerofit HQ Collection this Christmas!

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