Cycling Winter Base Layer - Get Ready to Reach Your Destiny No Matter What

Cycling Winter Base Layer
Your love for the outdoors calls for the best cycling winter base layer as an addition to your outdoor apparel collection. You don’t feel discomfort or worse, sacrifice not doing your favorite outdoor sports because of the weather. You can find a wide range of base garments that suit your outdoor needs upfront. Zerofit is a trusted brand that offers top-quality base layers, especially for cycling hobbyists or enthusiasts like you.

About Cycling Winter Base Layer

There are different types of Zerofit base layers created for different seasons of the year. Cycling events range from summer-spring and spring-winter and you need the right gear for the occasion. Outdoor conditions may be harsh depending on where you choose to do your event or activity. Regardless, the right base layer will make a world of difference in the result. What are the best base layers for cycling? Zerofit introduces some of its most popular brands for your cycling and other outdoor activity needs:

Thermo Weave base layer

Thermo Weave

This is the ideal base layer for cycling activities and other outdoor sports especially when the optimum temperature is between 32 degrees to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also best for running, marathons, or outdoor sports such as rugby, football, soccer, and baseball. Why choose Thermo Weave? The versatility of this garment piece is remarkable because you can use it from spring to winter. It depends on what you prefer to wear and how much warmth you wish to get from your base layer. The versatile garment for low-temperature base layer contains 54% nylon and 48% polyester for the body to ensure improved comfort with its 500% stretchable fabrics. The sleeves are made with 82% polyester and 18% polyurethane. It delivers instant heat, maximum energy generation, and no gaps between the body and your base layer.

Cool Weave Base Layer

Cool Weave

As the temperature drops, you need a more appropriate base layer for your cycling and outdoor activities. This Zerofit base layer variant is ideal for cooler weather conditions since it provides more warmth and yet allows mobility all the time. The Cool Weave is a mesh of top-quality fabrics with 54% nylon and 46% polyester for the body. There is a different fabric blend used for the sleeves, which contains 82% polyester and 18% polyurethane. The cooling effect of the Evacool technology makes this one of the top choices for the best cycling base layer. It also highlights the moisture-wicking and no cold sweat design through its sweat diffusing property. This is possible through the polymer fabric that shrinks as water absorption increases. One of the outstanding features of the Cool Weave is the silver ion treatment, which removes body odor. No other brands have this bacteria-repelling technology to actively keep you fresh and odor-free all day. Moreover, the different fabric blend on the sleeves is designed to maintain both moisture and cooling effect. You can find more collections of the ultimate cycling winter base layer by Zerofit. Each piece promotes different features that give you superior protection and undeniable comfort to enjoy your cycling activities all year round. Order your base layer at Zerofit USA now and see the difference! Or feel free to shop here directly.

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