Best Women’s Base Layer - Stay Fashionable and Protected Outdoors

Best Women’s Base Layer
Your next addition to your wardrobe should be the best women’s base layer. Gear up not just in style but in functional comfort as well. It is best to invest in the right apparel, especially the ones that you can use for your outdoor activities. You need base layers not just when it is extremely cold outside. These garments likewise work to keep you cool when the temperature skyrockets.

More Details about the Best Women’s Base Layer

What type of base layer is best? This is one of the top questions you need to answer when shopping for your outdoor apparel. Women want something that looks great but also functions well to keep them cool or warm. That’s a wise and lucrative investment for your next retail therapy. The good news is that Zerofit brings you the best women’s base layer with a wide assortment of sizes to choose from. Sizing for women ranges from XS to XXL with the same 4-way stretch property to ensure versatile fit and comfort.

Zerofit Cool Weave Base Layer

The Cool Weave Collection

Do yourself a favor and gear up with the most suitable apparel that suits your active lifestyle. Cool Weave is a Zerofit base layer with industry-grade polymer textiles. It is an excellent moisture-absorbing fabric, which immediately wicks away and soaks up body sweat. It is the best women’s base layer because it also protects you from harsh UV rays while eliminating odor and sweat. The durable garment proudly features four amazing properties:
  1. Maximum UV Protection and Care
  2. Fast Drying
  3. Evacool Effect
  4. Antimicrobial Property
Zerofit Heatrub Move Hoodie

The Heatrub Move Hoodie Collection

Aside from the base layer collection, you can also enjoy another must-have apparel for your outdoor lifestyle. It is one of the top choices for the best women’s base layer with a hoodie twist. Many of those who bought this piece use it for active sports such as skiing, sailing, and bicycling. You can use the Heatrub Move Hoodie as an overgarment or base layer, depending on your mood and style. Either way, this outstanding apparel gives you the same warmth and protective comfort with a lightweight finish.

Why choose this base layer?

First, the Heatrub Move Hoodie gives you the ultimate dry feeling from its dual-layer quality weave structure. It is made from polyurethane and polypropylene for premium moisture-wicking technology. Second, it allows you to ultra-control and regulation of body temperature. With 50% polyester, 45% polypropylene, and 5% polyurethane, this base layer secures your body by allowing it to maintain its temperature. Thus, you heat up when you wear it and your body temperature goes back to normal. Lastly, it is the best lightweight base layer that delivers comfort as versatile outdoor apparel. You can also complete your active apparel collection with the best women’s base layer bottoms. Heatrub also offers the Ultimate Leggings that you can use as a protective undergarment when the temperature drops. Maintaining your active lifestyle is possible even when you live in areas that experience the harshest weather. All you need is the best women’s base layer and matching apparel. Call us at Zerofit USA for more details today! Or feel free to browse our shop directly!

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