Base Layer for Golf - Be on Top of Your Game on the Fairway

Base Layer for Golf
Wearing the best base layer for golf is a no-brainer whether you are a dedicated golfer or a pro. You can find numerous remarkable golf courses that are usually challenging as they are. Adding to this is the weather that could go really harsh for your favorite outdoor sport. How do you beat this and still be on top of your game? Find and wear the best outfit to gear up for the fairway no matter what the weather may be.

About the Best Base Layer for Golf

The good news for golfers is that you can now find the best apparel that would cater to your needs. Zerofit garments are popular and fast-becoming trusted choices for golfers like you. These are unisex apparel with a wide range of sizes for men and women. On top of that, certified base layers under this brand have 4-way stretch properties conforming to your body size for comfort and flexible fit.

What do golfers wear in cold weather

What do golfers wear in cold weather?

One of the top names for the base layer for golf is the Heatrub Ultimate collection. Don’t let the cold bother and affect your game of golf. This industry-grade apparel is the ultimate gear to complete your golf outfit of the day (OOTD). What makes this the best base layer for outdoor and golf enthusiasts like you? The ideal base layer for golf should give you features namely the protection and unrestrained movement. Heatrub Ultimate delivers some of the outstanding features of base layers that golfers like you truly need.

1. Unrestrained Mobility

The Zerofit base layer for golf offers freedom of movement like never before. How? This base layer is not like any other heavyweight apparel you know, thus, giving you mobility. You need that to do your best golf swing and give you that birdie you are aiming for. It has 4-way stretch technology to give you unrestrained movement without sacrificing protection from the harsh cold weather.

2. Instant Heat

You’ll feel the heat and warmth right away after wearing this apparel. This beautiful base layer has a unique blend of acrylic, polyurethane, polyester, wool, and nylon. All these work together to give you instant protective comfort and heat.

Heat regulation in Heatrub

3. Heat Regulation and Maintenance

Some base layers could not keep the right temperature as you stay longer outdoors. That is not the case with the Zerofit garment that’s ideal for golfing in golf courses where temperatures drop. Heatrub Ultimate features 100% polyester, a fabric that’s proven to seal and regulate body heat. Moreover, the fabric has a 5-fabric mix with extra-long fiber for better protection and comfort. You can find other must-have base layers and golf apparel from Zerofit including the Ultimate Leggings for outdoor underwear. Make sure you’re all geared up from top to bottom before you go out for your tee time. Golf is an amazing sport but the unpredictable elements in the outdoors just might ruin your game. Get the best apparel with proven quality and approved functionality at Zerofit USA. Call now for your next order of base layer for golf! Or feel free to shop directly!

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