Ultimate elasticity and 500% stretch!

The Thermo Weave uses polypropylene technology to create a heat insulating layer of air on your skin. It makes sure your body stays warm.

On a standard garment sweat treatment isn’t very effective. Cold air gets in between your skin and the garment itself. Sweat attempts to cool the body down and removes heat from the body depriving it of energy. The thermal conductivity of water (sweat) is around 25 times that of air.

The Thermo Weave is 500% more stretchable than a standard garment. There are no gaps between the garment and your skin, no matter how active you are. It constantly removes sweat, effectively preventing cold ‘negative’ sweat.

Thermo Weave uses Polygiene® adapted silver ion antibacterial processing – 99% of the bacteria causing odours are caused by sweat. Thermo Weave removes odour from your garment wash after wash.


Nylon 77%, Polypropylene 18%, Polyurethane 5%.

Best for: All active sports and lifestyle activities in cold weather.

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