Say goodbye to cold sweat!

The Heatrub MOVE has landed with so many unique features. There’s nothing else like it.

The MOVE gives you instant heat with zero sweat too! It has a cooling two-layer construction that moves moisture from the body to the outer shell fabric where it dries ultra-fast.

It regulates your body temperature to keep you warm and dry. You keep warm so you can do more and play more sports.

We created the ultimate warm product which performs exceptionally when carrying out a vigorous exercise in cold conditions. The MOVE gives you more warmth for less weight.

Do more. Be more active!

Best for: Running, golf, skiing, hiking, sailing, motorcycling, and all active sports.

More details

Instant heat

The MOVE is instantly warm as soon as you put it on. The MOVE gives you temperature regulation and wicking as well as warmth and uses different materials from the Ultimate. It’s made from Polyester (50%), Polypropylene (45%), and Polyurethane (5%).

Temperature regulation

You start off cold, but as soon as you move you build up heat. With a traditional base layer, you overheat. With the MOVE as your body temperature heats up, the mix of fabrics controls your temperature so you don’t overheat as it’s got a high percentage of polypropylene.

Moisture-wicking and cold sweat

One of the biggest problems for athletes is moisture between the skin and garment. This is fine when you’re working out but when you stop activity in cold conditions this moisture becomes very unpleasant and cold. The ‘cold sweat’ is a major issue. Due to the unique mix of polyurethane and polypropylene on the underside of the MOVE, moisture is removed from the skin and quickly sent to the outside of the garment using a kind of capillary action – it’s like osmosis for clothing!

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the MOVE is made with hollow polyester. As soon as the moisture is drawn from your skin, it quickly evaporates from the shell rather than soaking into the outside of the garment

Lightweight and warm

The MOVE is made with 45% polypropylene which is an extremely unique material – it’s significantly lighter than polyester, nylon and water! So it gives you more warmth for less weight. Polypropylene fibers retain more heat for a longer period of time and have excellent insulation properties to keep you dry and warm.

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