Introducing Heatrub from Zerofit

Heat Rub is unique, created and designed in Japan. Quite simply there is no other base layer in the world made in this way. A traditional base layer seals in body heat. Heat Rub goes beyond, gently rubbing the skin with soft extra long fibers to create frictional heating. This enables your body to focus itsenergy on performance versus keeping warm.


A Fabric that Performs with You

Japanese Designed and Manufactured


An outer surface layer that insulates against the cold with a clo factor of 0.71 twice as warm as as a sweater*


Frictional heating from compression and the extra long fibers that rub the skin creating instant warmth as you begin moving.


Woven to stretch in all directions.
Permeable to allow moisture to wick away and evaporate while retaining the warmth.

*clo is a measure of thermal insulating quality of a material. A thick sweater has a clo of 0.35 (Engineering ToolBox (2004))

Flexible Materials that Move with Your Body

Don't Let Your Base Layer Affect Your Swing

Our unique blend of materials, utilizing expert Japanese engineering, lets our base layers move with you without restriction. This, combined with our proprietary Heat Rub technology, provides a comfortable fit while keeping your body warm.


The Heat Rub Ultimate

Use Your Body's Energy to Perform | Not to Keep Warm

Heat Rub is unique. There is no other base layer in the world made this way. By using compression and our unique double loop long strand fibers, Heat Rub garments generate frictional heat to warm you as you move, letting your body use its energy to perform versus fighting the cold.

Warmth that Comes From Within

Seals in your Bodyheat without Generating Heat

Heat Rub is unique, created and manufactured in Japan. Quite simply, there is no other base-layer in the world made in this way! A traditional base-layer simply seals in body heat, however it does not generate heat. Not only does Heat Rub seal in all that important body heat, its instantly worm and most importantly it creates its own heat due to the unique fibers or bristles that are on the underside of the garment.


The Heat Rub Move

Cold Skin Has Never Felt Better

Cold From the Moment it Touches your Skin

COLD SKIN adopts special fibres that absorb heat and spreads it over the body surface quickly creating a cool feeling to the wearer as soon as they pull the garment on. The thin and lightweight fabric disperes sweat rapidly creating a quick dry feeling without stress on the skin or causing a restriction of movement.


Heatrub Base Layers

Heatrub Light - Black

Heatrub Light

The Light has a real focus on mobility, being 50 grams lighter than the standard heat rub however it still retains fantastic heat retention qualities that is synonymous with Heat rub.

Heatrub Move - Black

Heatrub Move

Stay warm and dry with Heatrub MOVE. After extensive testing we have created the ultimate warm product which performs exceptionally when carrying out vigorous exercise in cold conditions.

Heatrub Ultimate - Black

Heatrub Ultimate

The ultimate baselayer for protection against extreme cold, the ULTIMATE offers unique fibers on the inside of the Ultimate rub against your skin to create frictional heat

Work or Play. Whenever There's a Chill in the Air. Wear Zerofit Heat Rub Compression Base Layers for Maximum Comfort and Flexibility.

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