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Fabric technology from Japan that performs with you!
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Fabric Technology from Japan

A Fabric That Performs With You

The ‘double-loop’ barrel fabric provides both heat insulation and ‘friction heating’ via extra-long bristles which ensure a layer of warm air is retained around the body and even a little movement of these bristles causes friction which creates heat and actually warms you up. The Superfit profile is tailored to your shape to give maximum comfort and heat performance with no restriction on movement.
2x Warmer than a Sweater

An outer surface layer that insulates against the cold with a clo factor of 0.71 twice as warm as as a sweater*

Frictional Heating & Instant Warmth

Frictional heating from compression and the extra long fibers that rub the skin creating instant warmth as you begin moving.

Breathable Fabric

Woven to stretch in all directions.
Permeable to allow moisture to wick away and evaporate while retaining the warmth.

*clo is a measure of thermal insulating quality of a material. A thick sweater has a clo of 0.35 (Engineering ToolBox (2004))

Stay in the game when the weather says stop

Introducing Heatrub from Zerofit

Heatrub is unique, created and designed in Japan. No other base layer in the world is made this way. A traditional base layer seals in body heat. Heatrub goes further, gently rubbing your skin with soft extra long fibers to create friction heating. This enables your body to focus its energy on performance, while keeping you warm.

Science Friction

ZeroFit Fabric Technology

Fabric technology from Japan that performs with you!

ZeroFit, based in Japanese origins, produces a unique line of base-layers called Ultimate. Why ultimate? Because they are five times warmer than a traditional base-layer and twice as warm as a sweater.

Unlike other baselayers, the garment does not work by using compression, i.e. wrapping you tightly to seal in your body heat. Instead, the Zerofit Ultimate keeps you warm by way of a unique mix of five fibers and a patented knitting process. The result is not only exceptional warmth but also unparalleled freedom of movement.

The extra long fibers on the inside of your skin gently rub against your skin to maintain the heat.

The Zerofit Ultimate has been called one of the most revolutionary pieces of golf clothing in the last 15 years and we’re giving ten readers the opportunity to win this unique piece of clothing. Never be cold again – wear a Zerofit!

  • Baselayer
  • Ultimate
  • Category 3
  • Category 4
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Don’t let your base layer affect your swing!

Flexible Materials that Move with Your Body

Our unique blend of materials, utilizing expert Japanese engineering, lets our base layers move with you without restriction. This, combined with our proprietary Heat Rub technology, provides a comfortable fit while keeping your body warm.

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